She's working all through the night....moody and grey, mean and restless. She lays on the wall, and wonders how she ever got there.....

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I despise "About Me" pages. I mean really. How much do you want to know about the webmaster of this little website? It isn't the most popular webpage on the Internet, it doesn't get some outrageous number of hits, and most people who come here know about me anyway....I don't want to load this section up with pictures since there's a bunch of me already in the photo archive and do you really want to see what I look like a million times over???

I didn't think so.

There's some information about me and the origins of this website at The Bass God. I'm not sure where the interview is anymore; it was done last year. But look in the archives, and I'm sure you'll find it.

Other than that....Let's see. I live in New York City. Best goddamn city in the world, and I'm here for the long haul (the recent events aren't gonna scare this New Yorker away). I love music (duh) and computers (super duh). I received my undergraduate degree in Historical Musicology and went on to pursue a career in computers (really, how pertinent is it in the real world to know the exact melodic and harmonic structure of 17th century polychoral music? Not very, trust me).

This website was born out of those two passions: music and computers. More specifically I had been so deep into the computer side of my life (seeing binary to hexadecimal to decimal conversions in my sleep...ugh) that my creative side began to atrophy. When I read about this Internet radio thing I discovered something that I could pick up easily - given my familiarity with computers - and would feed my creativity in an extremely rewarding manner.

And so here I am.

This project has done much more for me than fuel my creative musical juices. The website spurned many more projects, such as the Duran Duran Body Art pages and my own Tattoo pages. Pursuing this project also enabled some life changing events to occur, and they have all been for the better. So all in all I am grateful that this website exists, and grateful that people visit it enough for me to put in the energy to keep it updated (and trust me, as any webmaster knows, it's a good deal of energy).

Other than that...let's see. What's my real name? Not telling. How old am I? Not telling. Am I married or single? Not telling. I like a bit of mystery; it keeps things interesting. Besides, you can probably glean more about my personality by browsing through the sections of this website than a whole page of writing could produce.

So thanks for visiting. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. And go listen to some music. After all, that is what this website is really about. Everything else is just fluff.

Editor's Note 08.19.02: About the site name....

These days a lot of people come to this website via the tattoos; both my personal collection and the pages dedicated to Duran Duran Body Art. So I assume there are some people who may be reading this who know very little about Duran Duran. It's appropriate now to provide an explanation for both the name of this website and my own little pseudonym, for those who are curious and also don't understand where the hell I got them from.

Some time in 1983 or 1984 my sister procured a cassette tape from England (I think a friend of hers received it from a penpal). On one side was the first Wham! album "Fantastic" (with the track "Wham! Rap" which you just have to hear for yourself to believe it) and on the other side were a bunch of tracks by Duran Duran that neither myself nor my sister had ever heard. They included odd-sounding songs such as an acoustic version of "The Chauffeur", an instrumental, and a cover of David Bowie's "Fame". At the very end was a clip of the whole band singing a rather curious version of "Good King Wenceslas", as if it had been taped from a radio show. The tape also included two tracks that I liked immediately: "Late Bar" and "Secret Oktober".

You have to understand that at the time neither my sister nor I understood the concepts of singles and b-sides, so the only Duran Duran albums we owned were the full-length LPs. All the songs on this tape were b-sides recorded from UK single releases. Over the next few years I started collecting the singles, my mission being to procure every song on that tape in its original format.

To this day, "Late Bar" and "Secret Oktober" are still my all-time favorite Duran Duran songs. When I launched this site I was trying to come up with a catchy name for myself and "DJOktober" sounded good to my ears; later the phrase "Late Bar Radio" popped into my head as a good name for the website (especially considering that the song is about an all-night party at a club: "There's an all-night party in Room 7609...Late Bar...You can dance together, all night if you've got the time...") I figure the names are a great way for Duran Duran fans to identify this site as a fan page, yet the references are obscure enough so that normal folks won't be frightened away...

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