In an attempt to wrap my brain around all the Duran Duran crap I have, I am sifting through my LPs, videos, and a few other things and updating this list. Sections that have been added to are clearly marked.

I admit I am a Duran Duran "completist". I collect all of their music products with a special focus on picture vinyls, colored vinyls, videos, and 3" CDs. This is a list of all Duran Duran related music material I have acquired over the years. I have not included reproductions, copies, or CD-Rs, but did include high quality bootlegs. On Meltdown and Oktober Musings you are likely to hear everything that you see; including some samples from VHS.

I have a small amount of other rare items (such as the Arena board game and various books) but I focus my collector's energy on the music. Therefore the other items are not listed here.

UPDATED 08.22.02
NOTE: I think I have everything. Can anyone tell me if I am missing a VHS?

Arena (two copies)
Dancing on the Valentine video 45 (two copies)
Decade (two copies)
Duran Duran (two copies)
Extraordinary World
Girls on Film video 45
Greatest -- the videos (Canadian IMPORT)
The Making of Arena (NTSC and PAL)
Sing Blue Silver (two copies -- original and 1999 Canadian re-release)
Six by Three
**Three to Get Ready (75 minute Collector's Edition #0008)
Three to Get Ready (two copies -- 30 minute version)
Working for the Skin Trade

Arena (three copies)
Big Thing
Duran Duran (US Capitol release two copies)
Duran Duran (UK IMPORT EMC/EMI label)
Duran Duran (UK IMPORT Fame/EMI label)
Duran Duran (US re-release 1983)
Notorious (two copies)
Rio (US)
Seven and the Ragged Tiger (two copies)
Thank You (w/poster)
Live in '82 (high quality bootleg -- Hammersmith Odeon??)

Do You Believe in Shame? (Limited edtion 10" #3059) 

UPDATED 09.16.02

All She Wants Is (two copies)
Burning the Ground (no picture sleeve -- PROMO)
Burning the Ground ("Shuttle" picture sleeve two copies)
Careless Memories (UK IMPORT two copies)
Carnival (Holland IMPORT two copies)
**Carnival (US Capitol, Harvest label, with "Orgasmatron" etching)
Do You Believe in Shame? (two copies)
Drowning Man
Girls on Film (UK IMPORT)
Hungry like the Wolf (UK IMPORT)
I Don't Want Your Love
I Don't Want Your Love (ETCHED vinyl)
Interview Picture Disc (UK IMPORT "Bak 2002")
Is There Something I Should Know? (UK IMPORT)
Is There Something I Should Know? (PROMO)
Mixing (Italian IMPORT w/poster)
My Own Way (UK IMPORT two copies)
Nite Romantics (Japanese IMPORT two copies)
Notorious (two copies)
Notorious (Clear Vinyl PROMO)
Out of my Mind
Planet Earth (UK IMPORT two copies)
The Presidential Suite (two copies)
The Reflex (no picture sleeve)
The Reflex (UK IMPORT picture disc)
The Reflex (US picture disc)
Save A Prayer (UK IMPORT)
Serious (UK IMPORT)
Serious (Limited Edition autograph etched vinyl w/poxter)
Skin Trade (two copies)
Strange Behavior (Japanese IMPORT etched LP)
Strange Behaviour (Italian IMPORT picture disc)
Too Much information (Limited Edition blue vinyl)
Union of the Snake
Video Christmas -- NYC March 27th, 1984 (Live picture disc series; SC004)
Violence of Summer
Violence of Summer (w/poster)
Violence of Summer Remix (UK IMPORT)
The Wild Boys (two copies)

UPDATED 09.20.02

Do You Believe in Shame?
Girls on Film (Japanese IMPORT)
An Interview with Simon Le Bon (Complete set of 3 picture discs; two copies of 2/3)
Meet El Presidente (missing picture sleeve)
Meet El Presidente (white vinyl, no picture sleeve)
New Moon on Monday (two copies)
The Reflex (two copies; one with poster sleeve one without)
**Rio (Japanese IMPORT)
Skin Trade (red vinyl, no picture sleeve)
Skin Trade (banned "butt" sleeve)
Skin Trade (poster sleeve)
Union of the Snake
Union of the Snake (Holland IMPORT w/Flexi-disc)
A View to a Kill
A View to a Kill (white vinyl)
The Wild Boys
The Wild Boys (complete set of 5 different picture sleeves; one of each member)

Duran Duran (1981)
Duran Duran (Wedding Album)
Duran Duran (Wedding Album) IMPORT
Girls on Film -- "The Collection" IMPORT
Live in Rio 08.01.88
Medazzaland IMPORT
Notorious Japanese IMPORT
Original Gold IMPORT
Pop Trash
Pop Trash Japanese IMPORT
Seven and the Ragged Tiger
Strange Behaviour IMPORT
Thank You
The Medicine IMPORT
Live at the Academy 1993 IMPORT
Live in Hollywood 1993 IMPORT 

Electric Barbarella
Night Versions -- Essential Duran Duran 

Come Undone
Electric Barbarella IMPORT
Girls on Film -- The Remixes
Ordinary World
Out of my Mind IMPORT
Perfect Day
Perfect Day IMPORT
The Presidential Suite
Too Much Information
Too Much Information 2CD IMPORT
Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)
White Lines IMPORT

UPDATED 08.01.02

All She Wants Is (two copies)
Burning the Ground
Do You Believe in Shame? (two copies)
I Don't Want Your Love
I Don't Want Your Love (autographed by Simon and Warren)
**None of the Above (Japanese IMPORT)
Ordinary World (Japanese IMPORT)

So Red the Rose (two copies)
So Red the Rose (Japanese IMPORT w/poster)

Election Day (US Consensus mix)
Election Day (UK IMPORT Cryptic mix)
Goodbye Is Forever (two copies)
The Flame
The Promise

Goodbye is Forever
The Flame

So Red the Rose


The Power Station

The Power Station

The Power Station (two copies)

Get it On (UK IMPORT)
Some Like It Hot (UK IMPORT picture disc)
Some Like It Hot (UK IMPORT)

Some Like it Hot

I Do What I Do...theme for 9 1/2 Weeks (Japanese IMPORT)

I Do What I Do...theme for 9 1/2 Weeks

UPDATED 08.01.02

Feelings Are Good and Other Lies (General Release)
Feelings Are Good and Other Lies (Autographed First Release)
Terroristen 5.30.98
Resume (w/Jonathan Elias -- 9 1/2 Weeks sessions)
John Taylor (Japanese IMPORT)
Live Cuts
**Techno for Two (autographed)
**Retreat Into Art Limited Edition Box #55

John Taylor EP (Japanese IMPORT)

UPDATED 08.22.02

Band Aid -- Do They Know It's Christmas? 12" Single
Simon Le Bon -- Follow in my Footsteps 7" Single (from Requiem for the Americas by Jonathan Elias)
**The Devils -- Dark Circles CD
Neurotic Outsiders -- Neurotic Outsiders CD
Neurotic Outsiders -- Angelina CD Single (IMPORT)
Chic -- "Do That Dance" featuring Nile Rodgers and Simon Le Bon CD Single
Various -- The Duran Duran Tribute Album CD
Various -- The Roxy Music Tribute CD (includes "Just Another High" by John Taylor)
Various -- UnDone -- The Songs of Duran Duran (Australian tribute CD)
Band Aid -- The making of the official video VHS
**Econium -- Tribute to Led Zeppelin VHS (interview segment with Warren, John and Simon)
MTV Video to Go -- "Is There Something I Should Know" by Duran Duran and "Destination Unknown" by Mission Persons VHS
MTV Live Video to Go -- "Hungry Like the Wolf" live by Duran Duran VHS
**DRUM The Journey of a Lifetime -- 1985 documentary VHS (two copies)
Rock Video Monthly summer 1995 -- Duran Duran video profile featuring "Perfect Day" and "White Lines"
Decade -- Duran Duran VCD (from PMI; anyone know if this is really legit?)
**Greatest -- Duran Duran IMPORT VCD (21 track version including "The Chauffeur" and "Girls on Film")
Drum Soundtrack -- "Grey Lady of the Sea" by Simon le Bon 3" CD
Threesome Soundtrack -- "Make Me Smile" by Duran Duran CD
Playing for Keeps Soundtrack -- "Say the Word" by Arcadia CD
9 1/2 Weeks Soundtrack -- "I Do What I Do" by John Taylor CD

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