In her own words....

The Tiger was my first Tat ever, got it in 1992; just after I got out of basic Nashua N.H. I wanted something meaningful; but discreet, because I didn't want to catch a lot of flack at the time. I had always really LOVED Tiger Tiger, and the imagery on the NMOM 12' jacket...So, I chose the tiger :)

The ankle design was sort of on a whim just after I had my first front row experience, at Close Up in Atlanta. I was absolutely blown away by having that type of experience at a show; and so I went to my favorite tattoo artist and had him add the "Duran Duran" to the moon that was already on my ankle. The font is original...I wanted it to be something no one had ever really seen before; although it looks oddly familiar, and I can't figure why...I took Rhodeo the next day to get hers :) We met at that concert, by the way...And now look at us!!! [Editor's Note]: See "Rhodeo's" tattoo here.

The Drum logo is just my way of "appreciating" Simon...and all he put us, and our weakened pre-pubescent hearts through in the '80's *grin* Oh; and BOY did it hurt!

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