DPG's ink was done by Eric from Jade Dragon Tattoo Studio in Chicago.

In her own words....

well if it wasn't for duran's music i would have never met so many cool people. so i decided to get the tat as a symbol of all the friends i've made and the family we have become. duran's music brought me back to a time in my childhood when things were happier for me. i'm thankful for that. that's why i got inked.

Also in her own words....

On the left hand side of the picture, which is my right side, are the first four notes to "save a prayer." The bass clef heart next to it is for John [Taylor]. Then there is the treble clef in the middle that symbolizes my universal love for music. The right hand side of the pic, which is my left, has another bass clef heart which is for Paul [McCartney] and the first four notes to "and i love her" by The Beatles. I put the beatle song on my left since Paul McCartney is a left handed guitarist. get it?

How clever of me, I know.

I picked "Save A Prayer" and "And I Love Her" because those are the two songs that introduced me to music, the first songs I ever learned how to play on the guitar, and the two songs that not only saved my life but saved my soul. I had a bit of a rough childhood so these songs were like refuge when times were tough. And I had to put the two bass clef hearts for the two men who absolutely stole my heart when I was a little girl (and who I'm still madly in love with), John Taylor and Paul McCartney. I'm so thankful that their music touched me in a positive way so this is my little way of keeping their music close to my heart.

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