Both of these tattoos were done at Atomic Tattoo in Austin, TX

In her own words....

I've been a Duran fan since the early 80s and then when Seven and the Ragged Tiger came out, I thought the designs on the album were cool and would make nice tattoos. I guess I was about 15 when the tattoo idea really became strong. Of course you wait until you're old enough.....then people say to wait because what if you decide you really don't want them forever, etc (I mean, hey, it is just a band, right??) Well, after many years, and knowing that Duran Duran is not "just a band" to me, I finally got the the diamond-shaped design inked when i was 29 -- I figured if I still wanted the design from age 15, it would be safe to do. It's on the middle of my lower back and is about 3 inches x 3 inches.

Also in her own words....

When I turned 30, I thought it was time for my other Duran tattoo. It's on my right shoulder and is the tiger eye. I get compliments all the time on them and the neat thing about these two designs is that if someone is a fan, they know what they are, but if they're not a Duran fan, they just think the designs are cool. Duran Duran is something very personal to me -- they are from a time in my life when things were so innocent and simple and happy. I've been through some really rough times (as we all have, I'm sure), but they have always been able to make me smile. After 20+ years I still get the same feeling when I hear/see duran duran (especially Nick).

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