In her own words....

This is actually a hybrid tattoo. I originally got the black dragon 4 years ago - it was my first tattoo and I love it - but after all these years I wanted to brighten it up with color. I love Neurotic Outsiders [Ed. Note: This was one of John Taylor's side projects], but couldn't figure out what I would put together for an NO tat. There is the yellow and purple griffen from the CD, but looks too "Footie Follower" to me, so I improvised. My friend Chris let me hork her intertwined bass clef design which I colorized in my NO colors: green, purple and yellow. Layering it under my black dragon created a nifty little tattoo.

Also in her own words....

You would think that having been a Duran fan since '83, I would have gotten the DD tat first, or at least second, but instead it was my third. Seven and the Ragged Tiger was the first DD album I owned - and has always been my sentimental favorite - so the choice of the rune was a no brainer. BUT I know so many people with the rune tattoo and I wanted mine to be unique. Ferrets are my passion. I have owned three, Ian, George and Cloud Dancing. These little guys always thought I was just the really big ferret who lead the business - so I got the nickname Big Ferret. I carried the nickname into my "Duran Life" on internet. Anyone who knows me will tell you that this is a perfect tattoo to represent who I am...okay almost perfect...if the ferret had on a shirt which read, "I *heart* tattooed dumb guys," then it would be perfect. LOL!

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