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Duran Duran has been an important band in my life. Their music was there when I felt the worst and when I was down and always got a little smile and of course the hope everything will be fine at the end of the day. I like Duran since I was 5 or 6 years old, but I consider myself a real Durannie since I was 13 years when they put out The Wedding Album. That moment of my life wasn't that good as some people thinks, but Duran music prevent me for complete chaos, as I said before it always made me smile. Now I'm 26 years and soon turn 27 I wanted to have some sign that not only was because I like DD, but because I wanted to have them somehow under my skin, cos it is my way to say thank you for this wonderful music that made me smile and kept me happy even when my life was a mess. I picked up this design because I didn't want something traditional, but still something that durannies can recognize, so I picked up this strange flower they had for the reunion tour. I like it and it's beautiful. I didn't choose the original colours, because I said before I wanted that it was completely mine as a design. The other design in the tattoo is a chinese unicorn that symbolizes loyalty and the whole tattoo means I'm a fan... Yeah, no more story than that.

The original flower idea I got from here:

The chinese unicorn I got from here:

This was the tattoo design:

And here's the final tattoo. Got this pic right after the artist finished:

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