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I have been a fan of DD since 1981. I saw them in concert here in Australia in 1983 when I was 16. They never returned to Australia for concerts until 2003 for The Reunion Tour. In fact I was one of the fans that dropped off in the lean years, I paid enough attention enough to know when albums were being released, and I bought them, but being a major fan kinda sucked in Australia in the late 80's and 90's. Thank God for the Internet which renewed my interest in about 1998. The announcement of The 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour was a dream come true for me, and I saw 3 of the 6 shows played in Australia. One in Brisbane and 2 in Sydney. That week was the best week of my life. I got to meet all the people I only knew online, and we partied to Duran!

I had wanted a tattoo since in my twenties, I even had a spot picked out, it had to be somewhere *I* could see it. I could never make a choice of what I wanted, because everything I even remotely liked, I couldn't imagine having tattooed on my body for the rest of my life. The minute I saw The Reunion Tourbook, I knew the pattern embossed and printed on the pages was something I could live with. It was a symbol of my fandom in *my* style (I love swirls), without having Duran Duran emblazoned across my foot. I did a bit of tweaking to the original pattern as you can see, I made the Lotus flower and the leaves and swirls, solid rather than broken lines. So on my 37th birthday, I got my first tattoo! It wraps around my ankle to finsh in the hollow just beyond my ankle bone with a big swirly A for my girlfriend of 10 years Andrea. It was like killing 2 birds with one stone, my 2 life loves in one tattoo! Trouble is I could have separated them, because as they say it is addictive, and I have been planning a second one for the other foot ever since the first one was finished.

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