I met Mike in line at the Virgin Megastore Duran Duran record signing in Orlando, FL on July 22, 2000. What struck me about his tattoo was that he chose to get this familiar symbol in the exact same style that I chose for mine. In other words, with no background, thickened black lines, and aligned vertically. I thought it was pretty darn cool that someone else had the same design I did! For a year, this was the only Duran Duran related tattoo I saw on a guy. There are more now, but he held the title of "only male fan with a Duran Duran tattoo" for quite a long time!

In his own words...

I have been a fan of DD since 1981 when I was 10 years old and in 5th grade. I am now 29 and still a huge fan. I got the tattoo in June 2000 because I was dying to get a tattoo but wanted it to be something that meant something to me. Some people think it looks tribal, and that's ok, but I tell them it's a symbol from a Duran Duran album.

I like many other type's of music, but I always come back to Duran Duran. The music inspires me to live and enjoy every minute of life.

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