Misty's tattoos were done by Teresa from Joe's Bodacious Body Art in Arlington, TX.

In her own words....

I have always wanted a Duran-related tattoo but my husband had a problem with me getting another one done. [ed. note: Misty's first tattoo is a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute on her shoulder] But, I'm not with him anymore (seperated....one month and counting). It is a symbol from the Seven And The Ragged Tiger album. This was by far my favorite of their albums and gave way to much tattoo material. There were quite a few symbols to choose from but I chose the one that seemed to mean more to me than the others. I don't know what the symbol is called really but I have my own meaning for it. If you count the end points on each line you get the number six plus the middle line to make seven which to me is the five original members of the band and the Berrow Brothers....the infamous Seven of Seven And The Ragged Tiger. When I look at it I see togetherness. I see unity. I see them as they were when they dominated the entire music industry. That symbol is very special to me. I had it placed on my left shoulder up far enough that it could be covered by a shirt sleeve if I needed it to be covered for some reason.

Also in her own words....

My newest addition I am extremely proud of. I just got it done today (8-31-01) and it is dedicated to Andy and his solo career. There is a logo design in his Dangerous CD booklet of a black A encircled in red with a lightning bolt shooting through the center. That is what I chose to symbolize my support and dedication to Andy Taylor. Also, as an added feature to this one, as suggested by my artist Teresa, I had his autograph placed just under the A. All the colors match exactly to the Duran tat on my left arm. This one I had placed on my right shoulder even to the one on the opposite side. I'm so happy about how well it turned out.

The one that she is working on the image for is also one for Andy. That one should be ready to do in a few days time and surprisingly enough is not going to cost half as much as I was thinking it would. I've been really impressed with this place and especially with their prices. My left arm Duran tat was $50 and my right arm Andy tat was also $50, which includes three colors on each one. And she also did some touch up work and some fixing on my Steve one and didn't charge me anything for that at all. I love this place.

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