I found Mulysa on a Duran Duran message board. Turns out that she is a tattoo artist herself. In fact, you can check out her portfolio here. If you're ever in Massachusetts, give her a ring...and get tattooed!

In her own words....

The Nick tattoo is based on an image from a tarot card of the "Cosmic Tarot" deck - it is the High Priestess card. As Nick can be VERY androgynous, I felt his image as the High Priest/ess would be a sort of "homage" to David Bowie as well as an homage to the magickal connection D2 inspired me to pursue.

On his forehead he bears the yin-yang symbol of balance & harmony, in Eastern esoteric belief, between male and female principles in nature....he is also part of the air around him and the sea behind him...(many of those strange dot designs) the air representing LIFE, communication, inspiration and thought, the ocean representing the source from where all life comes, emotions, the psyche, the Great Mother Goddess (i.e. Mother Ocean). By his neck is the crescent moon symbolic of the Goddess and of the subconscious that through dreams we enter into an alternate reality where we deal with "soul-ar" issues and there is a book (-wisdom of the ages) open w/ 2 astrological symbols: Capricorn on the left (mine - stability, the Earth, karma, melancholy, darkness, manifestation, wisdom, endings, winter) and Gemini (his - AIR, inspiration, light, communication, laughter, creativity, intellect, beginnings, summer) Opposites that need one another in order to exist in balance within nature.

Mulysa's arm, from "Skin & Ink" issue #2, Oct. 1993

I had the tattoo put on the back of my arm for 3 reasons:

1st - I don't need to exhibit him to the world by putting him in a more prominent place like on the FRONT of my forearm - the arm is prominent enough as it is. On the front I'd feel uncomfortable w/ him staring up at me all day.....(creepy...)

2nd - He watches my back for me. (Protection)

3rd - When I'm really bummed out, tired or looking for some inspiration or clarity, I lean my head on the back of my arm and it's as if I'm leaning my head on his shoulder, so it's a subtle feeling of reassurance, security and stability for me. I may not know the man personally, but what he has meant to me throughout the years has been profound as an inspiration and this tattoo reinforces a sort of tribute to the man I'd TRULY be honoured to call in actuality "BROTHER", if given the opportunity.....

Perhaps in the next life.....? : )

I'll colour it in one of these days...tattooing oneself is quite demanding as it taps your "powers" of strength, endurance, concentration and skill....I get sleepy when I tattoo myself (endorphine rush, I suppose, they ARE natural opiates after all....: ) ) It's just that I've been wrestling w/ the idea of giving him PINK lips - to be true to Nick's character...but I DESPISE pink...eeeeeeuuuuugh! ; ) We'll see....The tattoo was done by a woman named Tracy, back in 1992, here in Massachusetts.

I also have various runes tattooed on my fingers that are also COINCIDENTALLY on the 7 & the Ragged Tiger album....I got them while I was an art student and THEN realized they were on the album art.....(weird)..it was probably a subliminal thing and then upon looking at the art closer I was like, "Holy God-wad!" I have plans for more DD/Nick related pieces of body art...but will show when they are done.

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