nhdrummer34's tattoo was done by Dug Mendoza. Check him out at his website!

In her own words....

I have been playing the drums since the age of 13, because of Roger Taylor, Duran Duran, and their video for "Girls on Film." I always found Roger's drumming skills, and techniques to be so inspiring, and amazing, not to mention that he is just an amazingly beautiful man, with a spirit to match. Well, this year I was blessed enough to have Roger send my husband Chris and I, two signed drumsticks, after an unfortunate incident at the April 1st show in Boston, MA. Because of his kind generosity, (and the kindness of a few certain "angels" that helped to make it happen), I decided to get this tattoo this year, which I designed myself...with a little help from the tattoo artist, Dug Mendoza. He was the one who suggested I put some color in it, and put the DD symbol in the center of the sticks, instead of writing the words "Duran Duran" on the sticks..and I love it!! It represents and embodies all that means and had meant so much to me in my life...Roger, playing the drums, music and Duran Duran. "Ryhthm Is The Power" is a line in their song "I Don't Want Your Love" and it is the motto for my life:)

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