In her own words....

I just had to share.

I chose the My Own Way dd because Rio is my fave album and period. I always wrote "Duran" like that while doolding at school. The date is the day I saw Planet Earth and was hooked. I've wanted one for years but put it off due to everyone telling me it hurt. Please my doctors did worse. I wish I had done it sooner.

I wanted Duran on my body because they are such an integral part of who I am. When I was sick with seizures they brought smiles. When I needed brain surgery to control them in 87 (I was 15), through Children's Wish Foundation they gave me 45 minutess private time. Simon wasn't supposed to ask about my illness/surgery but did. He made me promise if anything went wrong I'd work hard to correct it, I had a massive stroke paralyzing my left side. I was in a coma for 24 hours. Their soul train performance awoke me. My promise to Simon was the only thing keeping me fighting some days. I'm fully recovered and in nursing school. It's my pride to say yes, I'm a duranie and showing my loyalty.

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