Rhonda's tattoo was done by Kevin Gomes at Ink Jammer's in Valdosta, GA

In her own words....

I have been an obsessed Duran fan since 1982, and I decided on my thirtieth birthday that I wanted a DD tattoo, but I took 4 years to decide what I wanted and where I wanted to put it. :-) A friend of mine drove two hours from Jacksonville, Florida, to my hometown in Georgia to sit with me through the process. I wanted something that was of great significance to me, so I chose this graphic from the Strange Behaviour tour, the first live Duran show that I saw. Kevin "Jammer" Gomes at Ink Jammer's in Valdosta, GA, was the artist; he made my first tattoo experience relaxing and fun; he even blasted Astronaut while he completed the tattoo.

Update! Roger signed Rhonda's tattoo in December.

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