Rory's tattoos were both done at "Area 51" in the City of Moron, Pcia. de Buenos Aires

In her own words....

I have two dd tattoos. The first one I got on December 7th, 2005, three days after they left my country (Argentina) and three days after the best show ever. It was a promise I made to myself and I'm always good with me ;). In that opportunity, I had the chance to meet Roger, Nick and John in person. Simon too, but well... he couldn't gave me an autograph back then. And Andy, the love of my life, heard me screaming his name and smiled to me... better than anything else. (Yet, Andy, you must know, I'm waiting for my second chance with you!). I met incredible people at that show, duranies that are still friends of mine. Well, this was my first tattoo (ever), it's on my left ankle and it's the "Seven..." symbol with the name of the band using the typography from "Rio".

My second tattoo is an Andy Taylor one. As I said before, I love the man, and his music, and his talent and everything that has something to do with him. I admire him deeply. So, with the help of my sister Ryo, we designed a tattoo mixing the most two important things in life: music (I'm a drummer) & Andy. It was done on August 8th, 2007, and it's on my right arm, on the inside of it. Can't help but wonder what he would say if I have the chance to show him!!

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