Sarah's first tattoo was done by Jay from Altered Bodies in Norfolk, VA. Her latest addition was done at Ancient Art Tattoo, also in Norfolk, VA.

In her own words....

I've been a die-hard Duranie since I was 10 (that was 18 years ago), so the odds of me suddenly disliking them and, consequently, hating the tattoo were slim. I got it in 2000 before I'd ever seen this site- when I did stumble across your awesome page I was amazed at how many other people had the same design. I cannot wait to show it off at the reunion shows next year- I'll be the one screaming myself hoarse over Roger. Can't wait!

Also in her own words....

I went and did it again. I fell in love with the interlocking D's that John has on his upper arm but what really inspired me to get it done was the fact that Duran Duran is finally playing in my hometown [Norfolk, VA] (they haven't been here since 1984). I'm so accustomed to chasing them all over the east coast that driving merely 10 minutes to see them is a luxury I dared not think possible. My absolutely love for them has only increased over the years and having them permanently inked on my body is the very least I can do to show them how very much I adore them. Plus, John Taylor is still the sexiest man to ever walk on planet Earth. :)

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