L: Sharon R: Lori

In Sharon's words....

I have always wanted a DD tattoo, and a former friend of mine and I decided to get this one as a friendship tattoo. We had another friend that was supposed to get them done with us, hence the significance of the three lines. I am not friends with her anymore, so it's a good thing that it was Duran related!!!

In Lori's words....

I always wanted to get a DD tatoo back in the day. I actually wanted one like Sharon's on my ankle. Well after 17 years, I finally got one spring of 2000. I called a friend and told her I was going to do something and wanted her to go with me. She was great support. I had carried in the Rio album cover prior to the tatoo-ing and the artist was ready to brand me. She asked my friend, "Are you crazy about DD too?" My very best friend said, "Lori, I knew you were on the edge, but I think you've jumped." So that is about it.

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