In her own words....

ME!! I finally did it after many years of thought and anticipation! Wow, my first tattoo. And here's a girl that has a horrid phobia of! (hence the best placement I could have picked being one where I wouldn't see the artist digging in my skin with one) I saw this symbol one day and knew that my quest for MY perfect DD related tattoo was this. (this is from Arcadia's The Flame single) Just as with the lyrics, the symbol itself can have many different meanings. And this one has several to me. I searched for a while to find a symbol that represented me AND my appreciation of DD music. This has it all to me. The flame representing my feistiness and devilish side, the heart means passion to me--and the blue doesn't represent coldness to me. It means hot! And the star representing my daughter who will always shine in my eyes.

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