Stacey's tattoo was done by Alary at In The Flesh in Grand Island, Nebraska.

In her own words....

This is my 3rd tattoo, 1st DD tattoo. I had wanted one for many years, but could not decide on the design. When I bought the pink shirt at the Hammerstein show in New york in June of 2007 I saw this design on the back of the shirt and knew that this was the one I wanted. I had always wanted the DD, and really like John's on his arm, but the black block style letters were a little too masculine for me. I thought that this design was beautiful. When I decided to go back to NY for the Broadway run I wanted to get the tat before I went back. I took a picture of the design off the shirt to Alary at In The Flesh in Grand Island, Nebraska. He and his father Joel co-own the shop. Each had done one of my previous tats. When Alary found out what the DD stood for he said "Didn't they have that video on that boat in the 80's?" I said "Yeah RIO" and he said "Yeah they were pretty cool, some good music." I said "They still are cool and still putting out good music." He couldn't believe I was going to NY for a second time this year to see them. Alary did some great work on my shoulder and I have had nothing but compliments on it. Because of the colors and shape of the letters even people who don't really like tattoo's have commented on how pretty it is. I am always proud to tell everyone what DD stands for. I am glad to finally have something permanent to show my love and loyalty to this great band.

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