Tamara's tattoo was done by Doz from Ambrosia's in Oak Park, MI. Check out his work at www.tatguy.com (since this tattoo he has relocated to Seattle)

In her own words....

I was on your site months ago trying to get ideas for my 1st tattoo. Finally in February [2005], it hit me. With Duran coming to MI in March, I wanted to symbolize the reunion of the original 5 members. I thought since I am meaty on my lower back that it was not going to hurt. Trust me, for my first tat, IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!

It took aprox. 4 1/2 hours and yes, I was a trooper. I sat still for the whole thing which empressed him because he said people with their 1st tat are squirmers and I wasn't.

It healed just in time for the concert on march 24th @ the Palace

I just wanted to finally share with everyone my love for the band. Now I think my next tat with be the meaning of the tat right underneath it. Man trying to explain it everytime I go out can be tiring!

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