I met Wendy in line at the Virgin Megastore Duran Duran record signing in New York City in June, 2000. We had many hours of waiting and it was great fun to seek out the interesting folks in line....

In her own words....

The 7's symbol is a very recognizable Duran logo. I've had people stop me in stores and start conversations over Duran because they noted the tattoo. It's almost like when Deadheads wear their "bear" neck ties - kind of a bonding thing amongst fans.

The compass was a very detailed piece and I thought it would make an interesting leg ornament ;). At first, I was planning to get all of the colors as seen on the cover of the '84 tour book but when the artist finished with the black & white version, it was all I needed. Not bad for 80-bucks, ey? About both: I just met the guys for the first time a few weeks before the tattoos and the craze started all over again. Amazing what a wonderful experience with your teen idols can bring on!

Update 9/19/2008: Wendy sent along a picture of her latest DD tattoo. She got inked in Montreal, Canada in 2007:

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