Wshi's tattoo was done by Jim Connor at Ace High Tattoo in Johnson City, TN

In her own words....

I have many tattoos (all done by Jim) but as a 20+ year fan of Duran Duran I was never able to decide on exactly what I wanted that would symbolize the band to me. I guess I always fancied a tattoo of the guys autographs or something of that sort.

After winning the meet and greet - myself and my precious friends in March, 2005 (in Louisville, KY) - I made the decision to get the tattoo and of what I wanted so I went ahead with the compass symbol.

This band has brought me a lifetime of happiness and frinedships that I cherish so the tattoo is to honor the band, my love for them and the lifetime of happiness that they have brought into my life through their music, my dreams and all of the friends that they have brought me along the way.

Of the 11 that I have (yes I am crazy about them) this one by far is most favorite!!!

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