DJOktober, Orlando, July 2000

DJOktober and friend, Orlando, July 2000

"Oktober Musings" (used for CD cover)
Central Park, 10.00

Central Park, 10.00

DJOktober sporting JT gear, August 2001

Duran Duran, Los Angeles House Of Blues, 08.29.00

Water Display by FDNY fire boat, 07.04.01

"Brooklyn Mourning"
Post 9/11 downtown view from Brooklyn promendade; 09.01

WTC light memorial, view from Brooklyn Heights rooftop, 04.02.02

DJOktober sporting new Duran Duran gear, 07.06.02

DJOktober shows off her ink (and a cool hair color) before a party

Drag King 'Ian Blakk' and DJOktober
Tompkins Square Park, NY, NY, 09.08.02

"I'm Blue Da Ba Dee..."
DJOktober considers the possible grim future of Internet radio, 04.02