02.02.08 Oops. Would you believe there hasn't been a new announcement since 2005? Say it ain't so! I have been updating the Duran Duran tattoo pages, though, so please be sure to send your tats along and I promise I'll post them within one month of receiving them. In fact, there are two new ones just posted today.

In other news, John's TTP website is no more, but since I am too lazy and pre-occupied to bring his streaming station, Meltdown off the air, it's still playing a whole load of JT's solo work as well as selections from all of Duran Duran's albums, with the exception of Red Carpet Massacre. No promises, but I will try my best to get most of the new tracks online by...oh...summer??

Since the site hasn't been updated in years, for now just the Duran Duran tattoo section will be up and alive and active. The rest will come back...oh...by next winter? :)

Thanks all for listening - stay in touch and keeping inking those Duran Duran tattoos.

05.30.05 More tattoos! Wooohoo! Four of them, in fact, added within the last week or so. Remember, if you sent me a Duran Duran tattoo and it has not yet appeared on this site, please resend it and I'll put it up immediately. Thank you!

Oh, and by the way....all tracks from Duran's latest, Astronaut, are in rotation on 'Meltdown', the official John Taylor radio station. Enjoy!


Have you sent me a Duran Duran tattoo in the last year or so and have NOT seen it appear on this website? PLEASE RESEND!!! Your humble DJO has been busy and out and about and apologizes profusely for not getting the tattoos updated. I know there are at least five out there that need to be added, and this is a plea to please send the info again. I will add it as soon as I get it this time.

Meanwhile....thanks for listening! It's the five-year anniversary of 'duranradio', the original all Duran Duran Internet radio station (that later became Late Bar Radio).

12.16.03 Finally, I have some updates! First and foremost, Meltdown has been updated with a few holiday tunes. What is Christmas without a little "Feed the World"? Also tune in for some holiday wishes from TTP's very own Patty P. and John T.!

Similarly, Oktober Musings has had a long-needed update. I've thrown in some more 80s New Wave tunes and a little bit of punk, and also a handful of Christmas tracks. I've rotated out the 80 minute "Oktober Musings" mix, and in the next few months will throw in a new one.

Also, a new tattoo has been added to the Duran Body Art pages, as well as an update to another tattoo...a lucky fan got her ink signed by Duran's Simon Le Bon during their recent U.S. tour.

That's it for now -- stay tuned in January for the return of Fade to Grey. And I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year!

11.20.03 Wow. Four months since an announcement. !!! My apologies; it's been rough year and I haven't had much time to keep the updates coming. I do have one more tattoo to add to the Duran Body Art pages, for the time being updates will be very scarce (as they have been).

Fade to Grey is taking a holiday break; this bi-weekly Punk/New Wave show will be back on the Internet airwaves in mid-January. So until then....Thanks for listening and have a fabulous holiday season!

07.21.03 Just a real quick update! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is another presentation of Fade to Grey, an hour of punk and New Wave music hosted by yours truly. The last two shows were re-runs, so I'm pleased to bring you an all new broadcast this week. Check out the station page for details on how to tune in.

There's a new tattooed Duran Duran fan on the Duran Body Art pages. Darn, is this a group of dedicated fans or what??

07.01.03 Doh! I forgot to announce a few things on this page. In mid-June there was a major update made to the 56K Meltdown stream; visit the station page for details. Also, as of today, the 24K stream is no longer available. My apologies to all you modem users....but it was time to get that cable modem, wasn't it?? In better news, due to the recent update to the 56K stream, Meltdown is now in the #1 spot under the "official" category on the live365.com website (if you go the "indy/official" category we are rated #5, but the top 4 stations are independent). Go John...go John...

Three more inked Duran Duran fans were added to the Duran Body Art pages. Keep those tattoos coming; I still got plenty of disk space...

05.11.03 Updates, updates, updates! Finally, I have some tidbits to report. First, there is a new Duran Duran tattoo on the Duran Body Art pages. This one is from a male fan, bringing up the grand total of guys featured on those pages to five. The girls still have 'em beat; there are twenty-four female fans displaying their Duran Duran related tattoos. Trust me, I had no idea when I started this Late Bar Radio feature that so many fans would come out of the woodwork with their fan ink. Bloody marvelous, I must say.

If you like poking around the Tattoo pages, you'll love this next piece of news. You can find me and my big feline tattoo in the pages of the July, 2003 Tattoo Magazine supplement, entitled "Tattooing's Luscious Ladies" (and "Scintillating Sirens"). FINALLY, one of the professional photos from the Massachusetts Tattoo Convention in October, 2002 has made it into print. They misprinted my occupation and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made the included quote, but the picture is absolutely wonderful and I'm happy that my tattoo artist finally got some press. You can find a scan of the photos on the Tattoo pages, but if you want to see the full-size spread, you'll have to run out and buy the magazine (which is in stores now). Darren also has some new digital pictures of the tattoo up at his site; you can find that link on the Tattoo pages as well.

Speaking of tattoo conventions, if you are in the New York area you should check out this year's New York convention at the Roseland Ballroom on May 16th, 17th, and 18th. I'll probably be there at least one out of the three days, so if you see me wandering around, come on up and say hello!

There will be a brand new Fade to Grey broadcast on Tuesday (after a few weeks of re-runs due to a rather hectic personal schedule). Go to the station page for broadcast times and information on how to tune in.

That's all the updates for now; I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for more updates, including more pictures and information on the completed feline tattoo. And as always, thanks for tuning in to the Late Bar Radio streams!

05.08.03 Well, whaddya know...there's been an update! I was long, long overdue for an update to the Oktober Musings stream. I rotated out about 30 tracks or so, and replaced them with 30 more great New Wave and alternative tunes. There's more New Order, Talking Heads, Gary Numan, Adam Ant and Joy Division in the mix, as well as some other random goodies. The current randomly programmed loop runs almost 25 hours, so you are almost guaranteed to hear something new every day!

Morsmall updates will be coming on Monday, so stay tuned....

04.14.03 Well, I wish I had something really exciting and new and intriguing to announce...but I don't. There is a new tattoo in the Duran Body Art pages, but other than that, there isn't much to report! I have been trying to get a picture of my big-ass tattoo to put on these pages, but I am having some trouble contacting the people with the photos...anyway, keep your eye on the site. With any luck there will be pictures very soon!

Tomorrow is tax day, so why not take the stress off by tuning into Fade to Grey?? I admit that this show is a re-run...your humble DJ has been quite busy as of late. But the show was last run in early December, so even if you've heard it already, I'm sure you have forgotten it by now!

There will be a major change coming to the site within a month. The About the Music section (a blog featuring random music commentary) will be revamped with a new focus, to reflect some other interests I am currently pursuing. I haven't had much to say about music lately, and I decided that it can (and will) serve a better purpose.

Oooh...mystery...intrigue....what is the DJ up to?? Stay tuned, and more will be revealed....

03.26.03 OOPS! I forgot to post the playlist from last week's presentation of Fade to Grey. Sorry...I got a little busy with things. I just rectified the situation, however, and remember that the next broadcast will be on Tuesday, April 1st.

Meanwhile I got more Duran Duran tattoos to add....so stay tuned!

02.27.03 So I'm still in the same situation as when I made my last announcement. However, I couldn't help making some smalserver a better Check out the Duran Body Art pages; two brand new tattoos were added and one fan's oldie-but-goody has been improved upon in a most fantastic way!

As you know, I am still programming the bi-weekly punk/new wave show Fade to Grey. I decided this week to have a little fun with all you listeners. Tune in to any of the three broadcast times, and you'll have a chance to win a Fade to Grey CD. Make sure to go to the station page for details on how to tune in!

And on that note, you may have noticed that you now must be logged into live365.com in order to tune in to their broadcasts. An account is free; go ahead and make a login ID so you can continue to enjoy all of the Late Bar Radio stations.

Continue to wish me luck on the never-ending job crusade. I need all the good thoughts I can get...


Here's the deal. I am facing a very serious personal crisis. Basically, I have no money and no job, and the situation has become desperate. There will be no updates made to the Late Bar Radio site until I am gainfully employed; unless I end up homeless and starving in which case the site will be gone for good. Let's hope that doesn't happen! Job hunting is a full-time job, and I am hellbent on convincing someone, somewhere, that I am worthy of employment. This has ceased to be a job search: it is now a crusade.

I've had pending updates for over a month, and I just wanted to let y'all know that they will not be made. I will continue to program Fade to Grey every other week because frankly, I love music and love all my stations and if I don't take a break from my job hunting I will go completely insane. So I hope you continue to tune in; all the stations will still be on the air for the immediate future.

Just wish me luck, okay?

12.27.02 Well, two days have passed since Christmas, so it was time to take out the holiday tracks from both Meltdown streams and also Oktober Musings. That means the happy christmas greetings from John and Patty are gone, too. Did ya miss them?? Too bad! In another year you can hear them again. :)

Some thoughts on my latest tattoo have been added. It is another addition to the ankle piece, a tattoo comprised of various meaningful symbols. Check it out in the Tattoosaall my section of the site.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Stay tuned for some more updates; I have some additions to the Duran Duran body art pages, more information on my various tattoos, and a new Fade to Grey broadcast coming on January 7th.

12.19.02 The setlist for the December 17th presentation of Fade to Grey has been posted. I thought it was pretty darn good, if I don't say so myself...

Also, have you ordered your TTP*Retro magazine and sampler CD yet? If you have it in hand, check out the nod to Meltdown Radio within its glossy pages...It makes a DJ proud!!

12.06.02 Updates! Wooohooo! Just a few little tidbits to report on some of the stations. Both Meltdown streams have been updated with two previously unreleased tracks from TTP's newest CD, a sampler that will accompany a TTP Retrospective magazine. The magazine will be available on December 10th, but you can catch the two new tracks in heavy rotation here on JT's official radio station.

Also, it's December, and it means a Late Bar Radio tradition continues: "Do They Know It's Christmas?" has been added to the streams -- four different versions, believe it or not! Don't worry, the tracks aren't in heavy rotation, so you'll probably only hear it once every three hours or so....

The setlist for Tuesday's Fade to Grey show has been uploaded. The next broadcast will be on December 17th, and with any luck I'll be in a chatroom with DJ Lex from Club 80s to answer any questions you may have while the show is on the air. Also, remember to e-mail me with your comments, suggestions, and requests for future shows.

You may have noticed that live365.com now requires that you log in to listen to their streams. I have noticed that my listenership has decreased enormously since they started this new policy. Registering is free, so go on ahead and sign up with a user id and password so you can keep tuning in. I swear, they aren't going to charge you anything!!

As always, thanks for listening!

11.21.02 The setlist for Tuesday's Fade to Grey broadcast has been posted on the stream's station page. I got some great e-mail comments from listeners; I hope you are all really enjoying this new broadcast. I have a great time programming each show, and remember to e-mail me with your punk and New Wave requests so I can be sure to add them in.

I have a small bit of live365.com news to report. All listeners are now required to have accounts with live365.com. The good news is that listening is still free. However, you must register at their website. For now you can still use the links provided on the Late Bar Radio FAQ page to tune in with a 3rd party player (winamp, for example). That may change soon, though! Keep your eye on this announcements page for the details....

11.07.02 Did you catch the one hour show called Fade to Grey on Club 80s this past Tuesday? I didn't! Darnit, I forgot to tune in; but I hope at least some of you checked it out. The playlist for the first broadcast has been posted on the station page. If you have additional questions about the tracks, be sure to drop me an e-mail....

10.24.02 Updates!!! First and foremost, there's a brand new broadcast on the way. This one is called Fade to Grey, and it is a weekly one-hour show that will be played on another 1980s stream on live365.com. Check out the new station page for all the details.

Small updates were made to both Meltdown and Oktober Musings. Some tracks were added to both streams -- remixes of JT and Duran Duran songs; most notably a handful from "The Wedding Album". Also, tracks from Dark Circles by The Devils have been pulled out of heavy rotation on Oktober Musings. The tracks are still in there, just not with so much frequency!

There's some action in the About the Music section; I had the pleasure of seeing David Bowie last weekend and I gave the show quite the glorious review.

No updates on the tattoo front, but they'll be coming soon. As always, stay tuned!

10.12.02 Just a real quick note...I'll be at the MA Tattoo Convention this weekend; go to Tattoos for the info (and some pics of my completed feline piece).

And you'll never guess what I'm going to be up to over the next few weeks....ever heard of Drag Kings? Stay tuned for more....

Have a great weekend!

10.08.02 The Duran Duran tattoos just keep coming! I added one more tonight; tattoo #4 from a male Duran Duran fan. Go to I wrote quite a gloglorious review working on updates to all the radio streams; I acquired some new music for Oktober Musings that will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned....

09.30.02 More and more Duran Duran tattoos! Two more have been added; one yesterday and one today. Also, the fill of my feline body piece was completed last night. I don't have the pictures up yet or the descriptions of the tattoo sessions, but there is a new picture on the Tattoos page that shows Darren Rosa from Rising Dragon filling in the head with purple swirly things.


09.20.02 Another tattoo added to the Duran Body Art pages. Another Drum logo; this one all in black. Excellent....

09.16.02 Updates, updates, updates! The detailed playlist for A Night at the Rum Runner, with complete artist and track names, is now available. No other station updates to report...tracks by The Devils are still in heavy rotation on Oktober Musings so if you haven't bought the CD, make sure to tune in.

There are two more tattoos in Duran Body Art, including the latest from yours truly. I wasn't planning to get another Duran-related tattoo but I had an inspiration in mid-August. It's an amazing piece; the artist did a great job! Check it out, and feel free to let me know what you think.

And finally....this past Wednesday marked the two year anniversary of Meltdown, the official John Taylor radio station. Thanks to all the listeners for your continued support! It's your interest that keeps the stations going.

More updates are a-coming...but I may be slow in getting to them. For now, enjoy the playlist and the new body art! Oh, and you may be wondering what's with the Drag King on the front page....details on that will be coming in a few weeks. DJOktober has a little side project in the works....hee hee.

09.10.02 Okay, so I'm a little preoccupied. I am a New Yorker, after all, and this is a tough week, ya dig? So I threw up a picture I took last year and it'll stay like that until I make some general updates early next week.

08.30.02 I updated the links; I removed some dead ones and added a few Duran Duran sites. I also went on a VMA rant in About the Music.

Don't mind the index page picture; I was going through pictures from a vacation and thought it was a cute thing to share!

Coming soon: news from the Washington D.C. tattoo convention and the addition of my own latest piece of Duran Duran Body Art. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

08.20.02 I need help. Go to About the Music and suggest some kick-ass new tunes to load up in my MP3 Player.....

08.19.02 Not too many updates...just a tweak here and there. Additional information in About the DJ, one more Duran Duran tattoo, some more comments on my feline tattoo, and a new picture for the front page. There won't be any major updates made until mid-September, but a few more of these incremental changes may appear before then....

08.06.02 I added "comments" capabilities to the About the Music blog. Wooohooo! So tell me how you feel. Comment on any post, including everything that is in the archives. Besides, I'd love to know who is actually reading my rambles...sometimes I think it's only me.

08.05.02 Just so you know, indeed A Night at the Rum Runner is no longer on the air. You can keep listening only if you are a "Preferred Member" of live365.com; which means you pay $5 a month to listen without in-stream advertising and annoying pop-ups. So if you are a listener with that type of membership, you can keep tuning in until September 15th. I'll publish the playlist from the stream after that date, so stay tuned....

08.01.02 A ton of updates today. I am just an HTML fiend...I went through some sections of the site that I have been neglecting for awhile and made some changes and additions. Besides, I'm going out of town again on Friday...I figured I might as well get a huge update out of the way before leaving!

First and foremost, all the broadcasts have been updated and/or changed. Both Meltdown streams have reverted back to a completely randomized playlist, and the preview tracks from "Bangs...Sounds of the 80s" have been removed. You can still catch some of these great tunes on the Oktober Musings stream. Meanwhile if you haven't bought the CDs yet, go to Serious Vanity right now and buy your copies!

Speaking of Oktober Musings...I am very happy to announce that seven of the twelve tracks from the CD "Dark Circles" by The Devils have been put into heavy rotation. You should be able to catch a track every hour or so. There are almost 25 hours of music running on this stream! Wow! Tune in now and catch a bunch of New Wave/Alternative 80s music plus 90s industrial and some recent electronica.

As you know, A Night at the Rum Runner is no longer on the air...maybe. The shutdown is ultimately because of some new charges that live365.com is putting on broadcasters due to recent acts by the RIAA. So the broadcast will go through some listing changes today, but it will still be "on the air" for Preferred Member listeners until September 15th. Stay tuned to this website for information on how you may still be able to sneak a listen for the next month and half.

I made some updates here and there; a few more links added to the Links page, some updates in the Discography, and a slew of pictures added into the miscellaneous section of the Photo Archive (mostly of pictures previously featured on the front page of this website). I still have a ton of Duran Duran pictures to scan from the listed events, but I just haven't had the chance to do it!

And finally...there is a long ramble about the new CD by The Devils in the About the Music section. I wouldn't exactly call it a "review"; anyone who knows me well understands that I write creative non-fiction in my spare time and therefore I have a real problem being short and concise. So the post is more like a description of my CD listening experience in the context of an average summer day shopping in NYC. But if you haven't bought the CD yet, you may find the comments of some use.

Enjoy the updates! More information on the status of A Night at the Rum Runner will be posted tomorrow. As always, thanks for listening!

07.31.02 More tattoos! More tattoos! I love it, I love it, I love it. We have more "7" symbols and a fabulous reference to the Neurotic Outsiders. Keep your eye on this website for more updates tomorrow. Wow, I'm just an updating maniac this week....

Are y'all reading the About the Music section of this website? Look there for random comments about music. There isn't much form or point to many of the posts, but you may get a grin or two out of them. Also, that's where my comments on the CD "Dark Circles" by The Devils will be posted. Go check it out!

07.30.02 I have three more Duran Duran tattoos, and I was going to update the site on August 1st, but I got a little anxious and added one already!! The other two will be up as soon as I get some additional information from the contributors.

Remember, A Night at the Rum Runner goes off the air on August 1st!! Well, officially, that is. You may still be able to sneak a listen through September 15th. Stay tuned to this website for more info on the 1st, as well as updates to Oktober Musings and changes to both Meltdown streams.

07.02.02 On June 27th all tracks from John's newest CD, Metafour, were added to both Meltdown streams (not including the Q&A portion). It was about time, eh??

In other news, A Night at the Rum Runner is on its last month of broadcasting! The stream has been a wild success, and a huge thanks goes to all the listeners who have tuned in over the last year to catch this amazing playlist, put together by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor from Duran Duran. On a personal note, it was a great honor for me to mix the playlist, make the guys some CDs, and maintain the broadcast while it was on the air; including answering all your questions about the playlist! Really, I had a fantastic time with this project, and it is a little sad to let it go. But stay tuned to this website; a resurgence of the broadcast may appear now and again on the 24K stream of Meltdown.

06.24.02 You must go to the "About the Music" section right now, and check out the latest post. This is just too funny. I mean, truly.

06.11.02 Bangs...Sounds of the 80s was officially released today. Go to Serious Vanity to find out how to order your very own copy.

06.08.02 There's a review of all four Bangs...Sounds of the 80s CDs in the "About The Music" section. I told ya I'd post it today!! If my comments don't convince you it is a good buy, I don't think anything will...

06.07.02 Meltdown has been updated with a bunch of tracks from Bangs....Sounds of the 80s, a fabulous benefit project by the Kansas City record label Serious Vanity. Make sure to go to the Meltdown station page for details on this project. I have been grooving to these tracks for a week; the CDs are bloody brilliant. Stay tuned to the "About The Music" section of the website for a detailed review which should be posted tomorrow.

Also, Oktober Musings has been updated with a few tracks from Bangs... as well as Busy Child from The Crystal Method, which I meant to throw in there about 6 months ago.....

06.03.02 I fixed a grave oversight on my part. The Meltdown streams both currently feature a wealth of "original five" Duran Duran tracks in light of the new CD with the reunited fab five. However, I neglected to include tracks from the 1983 Seven and the Ragged Tiger album, with the exception of The Reflex and Secret Oktober. The situation has been remedied; a select few tracks from the last album the original band released have now beed added. Yay me!

Stay tuned for some special tracks from the Bangs! Sounds of the 80s CDs; to be added to the Meltdown streams within a few days (hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday).

05.23.02 Just a wee bit of updating today. Both the Meltdown stations are back on shuffled/randomized loops. Thanks to all the listeners for being patient with all the CARP PSAs running on the streams; for the time being they have been removed because on May 21st the Librarian of Congress rejected CARP's royalty rate proposal. Wooohooo! For more information on that, go to the About the Music section of this website.

05.09.02 Finally, the story from the North Carolina tattoo convention is up, along with more pictures. Go to the Tattoos section and check it out! One of these days I'll get some professional pictures taken...there's gotta be a better way to get most of the tattoo in one photo....

I went on a Nine Inch Nails rant (all positive, of course) over in the About the Music section. For the record...they kick some major ass. I finally added the blog archives; if you haven't seen my Chic review, go check out the posts from 3/10 - 3/16.

05.06.02 Meltdown, John's official Internet radio station, is now featuring four tracks from John's new CD, MetaFour, available via Trust the Process on May 21st. The playlist is currently static (as opposed to random) so keep your ear out for John's voice, telling you when the tracks are coming up. They come in twice during the 15 hour broadcast, so be sure to tune in often to catch them!

Also, check out John's site for the montly editorial; you may recognize this month's author.

Finally, I finished the webpage about the North Carolina tattoo convention from February. It's not here on the site yet but stay tuned; I'll probably load that up later this week.

05.03.02 Well look at that. Simon is back on the front page. :) I guess Late Bar Radio is going back to some sense of normalcy. I participated in May 1st's "Day of Silence" in an organized protest to bring media attention to the proposed royalty rates that may go into effect on May 21st and shut down small, independent webcasting companies; thereby harming the independent broadcasting community. My final thoughts on that issue can be found in the About the Music section of this website. Can't find the link on the main page? Go here.

Also, we have some comments from Mike in the Duran Body Art section. Woohoo! And finally...a new CD by John Taylor is due out on May 21st. Stay tuned to this website; some preview tracks will be available on Meltdown very soon....

04.25.02 Finally, some updates. Just a few more Duran Duran related tattoos. Four, in fact. We now have a Simon portrait, a Power Station logo, an original design incorporating the British flag, and a John Taylor autograph. Make sure to stop by Duran Duran Body Art and see these fantastics examples of fan-related ink. :) I'm jealous, you know. I haven't had new ink since February. I have five tattoo designs sitting in my head; it's just a matter of time and money....

FYI things are looking better with the federal government and their new Internet broadcasting royalties. Congress is listening to our letters, faxes, and phone calls. We're not out of the woods yet; the vote is on May 21st. Read the announcement below from March 27th, 2002 if you don't know what is at stake.

04.10.02 Only one small update; a new Duran Duran tattoo. This one is the first Arcadia symbol. I still have a few more to add; I am just waiting for the wearers to send me pics and information. No station updates right now; I am still holding a bit given RIAA/Federal Gov't stuff. Read the announcement below from 3.27 for more information.

I'll be out of town from April 11th thru April 17th. I'll be visiting Miami for the first time since I moved back to NYC. Oh joy! So if you have any trouble or e-mail me or whatever, I won't be responding until after the 17th. Have a great weekend and a great week and happy listening!



Internet radio is sufferring the same type of legal action as Napster. Regardless of how you feel about the legalities of Internet broadcasting and the payment rights of record companies, the bottom line is that the decisions pending before the federal government will result in the death of Internet radio as a creative medium for independant broadcasters. It will only remain as a tool of large corporations and record companies.

There is a summary of the issues (as well as some very strong opinions) in the "About The Music" section of this website. You can also visit Save Internet Radio for more information. There's little that can be done except contacting Congress; if you live in the United States you can have letters faxed to your Congressmen automatically by going here. This service is provided by an online Internet radio company, and is completely legitimate.

I do however feel obligated to tell you on this front page that as the laws currently stand, artists are paid the same royalties from Internet radio as terrestial radio stations. The current legal dispute is over royalties on top of standard payments; in other words digital Internet radio would have to pay additional fees just because the medium is the Internet, and those additional fees would go to the record companies, not the artists. And the argument is not whether or not the fees to need be paid; rather they are over the amount of those fees.

There is a chance that all stations on this site may have to cease broadcasting if the new rates take effect in May, 2002. Small webcasting companies, including live365.com, may have to pass the additional fees onto the broadcaster and Internet radio may no longer be a cost-effective promotional option for independant broadcasters (and artists).

What do you think? Read my rant and then let me know your thoughts: djoktober@latebarradio.com. I'll post them on this website and make sure that the right people see your comments.

Meanwhile, keep listening! Things may turn out A-OK, but just in case they don't, tune as often as you can.....

03.25.02 Happy Monday. I am not a happy broadcaster, in case you didn't notice from my front page announcement. I feel so strongly about this issue and about informing people about it, that there will be few (if any) Late Bar Radio website updates until I figure out what the hell is going on with this legislation, and if there is anything I can do to help prevent it from passing through Congress. I won't be adding any more entries into the "About the Music" blog, either.

What you can do, dear listener, is inform everyone you know about this issue. Make sure every person in your life who has ever listened to Internet radio contacts their Congress people. The link is right on the front page; if you live in the United States, go to that site and have your representatives and Senators faxed automatically.

This sucks, dude. That's really all I have to say. Anything more than that and I get really pissed off and start fuming about it.

Meanwhile, keep listening. :) There's a lot of good music streaming out of this site, and I just hope you can enjoy it for as long as possible....

03.20.02 We're Number 5!!! Due to your dedicated listening, Meltdown, John Taylor's official radio station, is ranked #5 out of 43 Official stations on live365.com. Rock on! And thank you for listening! You think we can climb up into at least the #2 spot?

In other news, Late Bar Radio came in 4th place in the Planet Earth Awards, tying with Nick Rhodes is God. Check here for all the official results. Thanks to all those who voted for this site!

03.18.02 I don't know what happenned...but the forms on my hosting site are working again. So, you can join the Late Bar Radio mailing list! I don't send out e-mails too often; only about once every two months or whenever there is a major update. If you want to join, go here and fill out a simple form. And if you tried to join last year any time between August and November, please fill it out again. Thank you!

03.13.02 I saw Nile Rodgers and Chic play in NYC this past Monday, and wrote a commentary about it in my blog. So go to "About the Music" and see what a great time it was!!! No other updates right now, I'm taking a bit of a break....something new will come along soon, I am sure.

03.07.02 I started a blog. See, I have things to say about a lot of the music that I play on the various stations here at Late Bar Radio, but I never seem to say them. I just didn't have an appropriate place to put 'em, ya know? So if you go to About The Music you will find the Oktober's Musings blog (boy, I'm just milking that phrase for all it's worth, aren't I?). This is where I'll put everything related to and about music. There are some additional music links and pointers to other blogs over there as well. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.....

03.06.02 Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the retrospective program in celebration of John's latest CD release, Retreat Into Art. Meltdown is now back on a random loop. There's a ton of music on there, though; over 15 hours worth. And since the playlist is randomized, every day you'll hear a different song order. It's packed full of classic Duran Duran tunes, in celebration of the original five members reuniting. Check the Meltdown station page for details on exactly what you'll hear.

If you're looking for later Duran Duran tunes, you'll still find them on Oktober Musings, as well as a ton of great 80s New Wave, 90s Industrial, and 00s Dance/Electronica. Don't miss out; make sure to tune in!

Psst. Keep voting for this site. Come on, how many other Duran Duran sites actually offer the music?? Click on the banner on the main page and cast your vote! I'll love you forever. I swear.

02.25.02 Vote for me! Go here and cast your vote for Late Bar Radio in the Planet Earth Awards! Please? Pretty please???

02.24.02 A few more updates, most of them tattoo related. The final pieces of the "feline" tattoo story are up, with a few pictures of yours truly during the tattoo process (ouch!). Also, two more Duran Duran tattoos have been added; one is another entry from a male fan (a rarity, as you may know). As always, if you have a Duran Duran related tattoo, make sure to send it to me, along with some thoughts about why you got the tattoo.

I have also started adding artist credits to all of these fans' pieces. I firmly believe in giving credit where it is due! So if you are looking for some talented tattoo artists, check out some of the names and shops listed with the tattoos.

I made some adjustments to the links page; removed dead links, added some new Random Links. If you want me to link to you, I'll be glad to! Just drop me a note.

02.18.02 I won the tattoo contest! Wooohooo! The current version of the feline tattoo won first prize in the tribal category at the 8th Annual North Carolina Tattoo Convention held by Little John's Tattoo studio in Greensboro, NC. For a pic of the happy DJ with her award, go to the tattoo pages.

No other updates, sorry. I'm tired. Stay tuned over the next week or so for tattoo updates and station updates.

02.10.02 Well, not a big update, but I did add something to the Oktober Musings stream. I made a CD some time ago that I put together like the Rum Runner broadcast, with all the tracks mixed into one another. I also editted some of the songs and made remixes. So I compressed the whole CD into MP3, and threw it into the loop. You won't have a tracklist while it is playing, so if you have any questions about the tracks, be sure to e-mail me.

No updates will be made for some time; I am going out of town this week for a tattoo convention to enter the feline piece into competition. Wish me luck!

02.02.02 Another random update. I'm going to be busy for the next few days, so I decided to make an update now instead of Sunday (Go Patriots! Wooohooo!!). I just added another Duran Duran related tattoo, and this is the second entry from a male fan. We're up to twelve fans with band related tattoos, and I know there is at least one more coming....as always, if you have any Duran related body art you'd like included on this site, make sure to e-mail me. Thanks!

01.31.02 Special mid-week update! I just had to add another installment of the feline body piece, because it's just so damn cool. Go to the Tattoo Pages and check it out!

01.27.02 I went on a bit of an update frenzy. Nothing new on the music front (additions to Oktober Musings are coming next week), but I did a heck of a lot on other parts of the website.

First of all, those who have been visiting for awhile may remember that I had a Duran Duran discography that listed all the various music I have collected over the years. I have resurrected that listing in an attempt to catalog my own collection. I suddenly realized that I had all this damn stuff and that I hadn't written it down anywhere. When I go to eBay to snoop around I just can't remember anymore what I already own. So I took a few hours and went through my collection and updated some of it. I didn't update any of the CDs or the John Taylor stuff; only the vinyls, videos, and 3" CDs. Everything else will come in time....Click on "Discography" under the Reference section to take a look. If you have any questions about specific items on this list, feel free to e-mail me.

Next. For now I will be putting up various NYC pictures on the front page. I'm feeling melancholy these days and want to share some of my favorite images of the city. Last week was a picture from Central Park, and this week is a rather depressing shot of the NYC skyline taken a few days after September 11th. Keep your eye on this site and my mood; Duran pictures may be back in a few weeks to grace the front page...

Speaking of pictures, two new photos of Nick Rhodes can be found in the Photo Archive under "Virgin NYC". I am still scanning various pictures from Duran Duran travels over the last two years, so keep your eye on the various sections of the archive.

No new info on my new tattoo (by the way the outline is complete on my stomach and back; we just need to fill the black and I need to get some good pictures taken), but I did add the second installment to my ankle piece, which is the Imperial Seal from the Star Wars movies. Also, there is a new Duran Duran tattoo under "Duran Body Art". This one is an abstract design that incorporates the band's name.

And finally! I am getting a heck of a lot of reference hits from tattoo sites. Please click on some of the tattoo websites listed on the Links pages (although do not do not do NOT go to the Body Modification Ezine if you are squeamish! You will immediately regret it, trust me). This way the references can be duly returned. Thank you so much!

01.14.02 Not too much to report. I did add a new piece of Duran Duran body art; a stylized portrait of Nick Rhodes on the arm of a tattoo artist. I also added the first parts to my own latest tattooing adventure; the feline body piece.

I did take out the holiday tracks from both the Meltdown and Oktober Musings streams! Do not fear; there are no more Christmas songs!

Stream updates will come some time in the next month or two. For now, keep enjoying the John Taylor retrospective on Meltdwon, and the usual hip mix of 80s New Wave and 90s industrial on Oktober Musings.

12.10.01 I am very pleased to announce that there is a brand new broadcast for both Meltdown streams. The new loop is a celebration of John Taylor's brand new limited edition CD, Retreat into Art. Make sure to check the Meltdown station page for details on what you'll hear on the broadcast. NOTE: The streams are offset, which means if you don't like what you hear on the 56K loop, try the 24K and get a different part of the broadcast.

Oktober Musings has also been updated. What would Christmas be without that tune from 1984 by Band-Aid? Tune in to hear all versions, plus some other random holiday tunes. I also threw in some Art Of Noise. Remember Max Headroom? *grin*

And finally...more tattoos! I added Tattoo #6, the mermaid, which I got at a tattoo convention in September. Also, I started getting the "feline body piece" tattoo. So far about one-third of the outline is complete. Information on that tattoo will be available in the next few weeks.

11.26.01 Who's this guy?

He is none other than Kirk, a friend's co-worker and Late Bar Radio's Numero Uno fan. He listens at work and serenades his office with the sounds of Oktober Musings. He likes to drop me e-mails when Fat Boy Slim comes on the air and yell and scream about how fabulous the tracks are. Kirk rules. He is from New Zealand and has a cute accent. Here he is in stunning blue at the VMA 2001 free concert at Pier 54 on September 4th, 2001 (featuring Crystal Method and Fat Boy Slim):

(That's the back of DJOktober's head all the way to the right, by the way....)

And if Kirk keeps pestering me, I may finally go out on the town with this fine chap and check out some DJs and cool parties.

In other news, Late Bar Radio is in a holding pattern in relation to station updates on the Meltdown streams. I hope an update is coming soon, but I can't promise anything.

11.05.01 Duran Duran picture rotation is back. Every week or so a new picture will appear on the splash page. Life is approaching some sense of normalcy, so updates will now be more regular and frequent.

Good news! The Oktober Musings broadcast has been updated. Some XTC, Visage, Public Image Ltd. and more Fat Boy Slim has been thrown into the mix. I have taken out a good portion of "Original Five" Duran Duran. These tracks can be heard on Meltdown once I've updated that stream. You'll still find later Duran tracks on Oktober Musings, however, along with B-sides and rare tracks.

And finally, here's an interesting tidbit. Due to the tattoo pages, Late Bar Radio is now on a few tattoo and/or Body Modification sites. Please take a moment to visit the tattoo sites listed on the links page to return the favor. Thanks!

10.28.01 A few changes to report. The "About the DJ" section has been changed. It is now actually about the DJ. The information about my tattoos has been moved to its own set of webpages. Look under "Reference" and click on "Tattoos". I figured that it was big enough now to deserve its own section! No new stuff there, but it's coming.

10.24.01 New Body Art! Check it out, on the Duran Body Art pages. We have two new folks willing to share their tattoos, and updates to two more. I have more on the way, and remember, if you have a tattoo to share, drop me an e-mail and I'll be sure to include you.

10.23.01 IMPORTANT!!! The mailing list form does not work. It hasn't worked for about two or three months, and I just noticed. If you tried to sign up you would have received a "Form Mail" page instead of a "Thank You" page. If this happenned to you, please e-mail me your address and I will add you ASAP. Meanwhile, I am working on fixing it, along with MANY MANY other updates. Finally, right? Meanwhile, the Late Bar Radio FAQ as been updated with new info listening to the broadcasts directly through Winamp or Real Player, and About The Broadcasts has also been updated/editted.

Coming tomorrow....Duran Duran Tattoo updates!! Are you excited? I am.

10.16.01 I am so behind schedule on updates it isn't even funny. Life has intervened, and website/radio updates haven't been on my priority list. Big apologies all around! I am constantly considering the next Meltdown update, but it may be another week or even more. I have some more Duran Duran tattoos on the way, after I get some more info from a few fans.

In other news, I bought a digital camera. This means that the first site updates will likely to be in the tattoo section. Stay tuned for those! And FYI, the Duran Duran picture that was up previously can be found in the Photo Archive section under "Miscellaneous".

09.30.01 No new updates, but they are coming soon. I am still rather discombobulated over the events from September 11th. But I decided it was time to try and get back to work with page updates and station updates and what-not.

Photo and station updates will be coming next week so stay tuned for those. Meanwhile, I am quickly collecting more tattoos, and next month there will be more photos and stories about those.

09.08.01 Some new pictures have been added into the Photo Archive. Be sure to check the Jones Beach section, for two of the worst pictures of DJOktober you'll ever see.

09.06.01 *thud* After some furious HTMLing and graphic editting, the Duran Body Art pages are up! Here you will find how fans pay tribute to the band by inking a logo (or portrait!) on their skin. Most pictures are also accompanied by small stories.

09.01.01 Two new pictures of Simon have been added to the Photo Archive under New Year's Eve, Pleasure Island. Other than that, nothing new this week! I am still collecting pictures and stories about Duran Duran tattoos. If you have one, make sure to e-mail me so you can be included. Happy Labor Day!

08.26.01 Coming soon to a website near you...Duran Duran related Body Art! At some Duran Duran events last year I collected a few photos of Duran tattoos. I had every intention of building a webpage about those tattoos, but I got sidetracked. Finally, the time has come! I am collecting photos and stories and the pages will start going up over the next week. Do you have a Duran Duran tattoo you would like to share? Make sure to e-mail me.

Also, a few more pictures have been added to the Today Show and Misc. portions of the Photo Archive. Enjoy!

08.18.01 I've added another section to the Photo Arvhive called Miscellaneous. Here you will start finding various pictures of me and friends at Duran Duran events, plus random pictures taken during those travels. I also added a new picture to the New York City recording signing section. Pay attention to all the photo sections; new pictures will be added without appearing on the front page.

08.12.01 G'day! Made some changes to the Photo Archive. Pictures are now organized into Duran Duran related events. I will be adding pitures into the archive that do not appear on the front page of Late Bar Radio, so be sure to check the archive often. Right now there aren't any new photos, but in next week's update there will be.

About the DJ has finally been updated! Two new tattoo pages, including the Duran Duran tattoo (complete with a picture of one of my cats). I told you I'd get to it eventually!

08.03.01 I lapsed again! I apologize for not updating the front page picture for the last two weeks. But finally I did....a group shot of the guys from Orlando last year. Also, Oktober Musings has been updated with new tracks from Missing Persons, Xymox and Fatboy Slim. An odd mix indeed! Keep listening and enjoying....more updates are on the way soon.

07.10.01 Not too many updates these days, but I swear I am thinking about them constantly! There will be quite a few changes over the next few months; I promise. Meanwhile, check out the links page; a few new sites have been added. And keep your feedback coming! I appreciate any and all comments.

06.12.01 'A Night at the Rum Runner' is back on the air! Due to the popularity of the broadcast, we brought it back for another run. I'm not sure how long it will be up, so make sure to tune in! The sections have been reworked a bit. Instead of four segments there are now three and the audio has been tweaked for a smoother sound. Enjoy!

Also, my apologies for not rotating the index page picture last week. A new picture came up on June 10th and a new one will be up June 17th.

05.10.01 Whew! What a week. Here's the deal, folks. 'Meltdown' is now on a randomized loop. TTP and DJOktober are taking a break from pre-programmed broadcasts. Special broadcasts will still occur, but the normal operation of the station will be with a randomized playlist. The playlist will change every few days into a new, completely random order; and new songs will continue to be added. However, programmed playlists will not be used until further notice.

Also....popup playlists are now available for all Late Bar Radio streams. Not sure if you want to tune in? You can click the links on the station pages and see what is currently playing. When you see something you like, click "Tune In Now" in the popup window to start the stream. Pretty neat, eh?

And finally...'A Night at the Rum Runner' is returning! We loved it so much, we thought we'd put it back on the air indefinitely. It was a lot of work (but fun work!) for all and we thought it was a shame not to show it off. Do you want to be notified about when it comes back on the air? Go to About the Broadcasts and join the mailing list!

05.06.01 Wooohooo! A year ago today, www.duranradio.com was launched. The site looked much different than it does today, and at the time I had no idea where the website would lead me. The year 2000 was an amazing one. During those first months of "duranradio" I spent a lot of time attending Duran Duran events and I took a veritable catalog of pictures. Finally, I'm ready to share them. A new picture will appear on the front page every few days. When they are replaced, the old ones will be available in an archive. If you would like to use any of the pictures, please be kind and e-mail me first. Thanks!

05.02.01 The stream links on the 'Oktober Musings' and 'Meltdown' pages have changed. When you click the link to the stream, a new window will open up to the live365.com "station page". This page is where you can rate the broadcasts and also see some profile information. From this page, you then have to click "Play". Why the change? live365.com has redone their player window and ratings are no longer available! Feedback counts, so when directed to the new station page, please rate the broadcasts.

In addition...remember that the 'Oktober Musings' broadcast changes daily. The playlist is re-randomized at least once every 24 hours. So every day when you tune in, the tracks will be in a different order. Tracks are also rotated in and out frequently; new songs added and other songs removed. I regret that at this time it is unlikely the broadcast will ever be pre-programmed or DJed again...but you never know! I've said it before and I'll say it again....Stay Tuned!

04.25.01 See the new link on the front page? I am new at popups -- so right now there is just one! Click it to see the last three tracks played on Oktober Musings. From this window you will also be able to launch the stream. Popups for the other streams will soon be available. As always...stay tuned!

04.23.01'Oktober Musings', formerly duranradio, is back on the air. Frankly, I was bored with my music selection at work and wanted to listen to something really good. Thus...the broadcast is back. The playlist is playing random with 80s New Wave, 90s Industrial, and a good dose of Duran Duran and related spinoffs.

04.13.01 "About the DJ" has been updated with "Tattoo #2". Also, if you used to listen to the 56K 'Meltdown' stream via a bookmark in Winamp or Realplayer, you may not be able to tune in. The URL for the stream has changed. Please check the Late Bar Radio FAQ for the new IP address.

04.07.01 live365.com is down for 24 hours from 12AM today to 12AM 04.08.01. We'll be back on the air as soon as the site is back up. Thank you for your patience!

03.28.01 Late Bar Radio is back after a brief break. You'll notice a few changes; 'duranradio' is gone until further notice, 'About the Broadcasts' has been updated, and there is a new 'Meltdown' loop. Keep checking in for more updates and information.

02.23.01 It's been a long time since updates, but new stuff is on the way. A new 'Meltdown' broadcast is on the way -- submit your requests for the March 5th broadcast! Also, the Duran Duran convention has been postponed - if it happens next year I will still be involved.

02.05.01 'duranradio' is back on the air...sort of. It's got a new name and a new format. A good dose of classic 80s plus some 90s industrial thrown in for good measure. There's still Duran Duran in there, and the playlist will be updated frequently. I hope you enjoy it!

02.04.01 "A Night at the Rum Runner" has reached the end of its run. Thank you for listening; the broadcast was a huge success! The good news is that now the playlist is available. Go to the Rum Runner page to see all artists and titles. The return of 'duranradio' in a new format is on its way, as well as a special 'Meltdown' broadcast. Stay tuned!

01.31.01 Finally, the "About the DJ" page has been updated. Just a little more information to share. Also, "A Night at the Rum Runner" is in its final days. Make sure to tune in before it goes off the air. And finally, a new 'Meltdown' broadcast is in the works. Do you want to know when it will be on the air? Go to About the Broadcasts and join the mailing list!

01.27.01 OOPS. The link to the Orlando convention wasn't working. Sorry about that! It has been fixed. Meanwhile, keep coming back for information on a new 'Meltdown' broadcast, coming soon to an Internet radio stream near you.....

01.08.01 Finally, the artist list for 'A Night at the Rum Runner' has been posted. Please see the Rum Runner page for details. Also, check out the link to the 2001 Duran Duran/John Taylor convention on the front page. Late Bar Radio will be hosting the Friday evening "all night party", so I hope to see you there!

12.23.00 A big 'Thank You!' from John, Nick and myself to all the listeners who are making 'A Night at the Rum Runner' a big success! I have been getting a ton of e-mails with wonderful feedback. A lot of people are asking for playlists; unfortunately it is against broadcasting laws to publish the full playlist. After the holidays, however, I will post the list of artists. If you have a question about a specific song, I will be glad to tell you what it is.

If you want to know a little more about me, there is an interview with 'DJOktober' at a John Taylor fansite. Go to The Bass God and click on Getting Intimate. You can also access this site from the links page.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!!

12.22.00 'A Night at the Rum Runner' has been launched! There is an announcement on the official Duran Duran website. Make sure to tune in; the broadcast will only be around for a month or so. I haven't made any site updates lately -- look for those after the holidays. Do you want to know when updates have been made and duranradio comes back on the air? Then go to "about the broadcasts" and join the mailing list. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!

12.12.00 Thank you to all who tuned in for this afternoon's audio chat. We think it went well; we hope you enjoyed it, too! I apologize for the technical difficulties in the beginning -- unfortunately that was due to live365.com issues. Make sure to let us know what you thought of the broadcast. It was the first time ever broadcasting live, and if you liked it, we may do it again soon. And stay tuned to the website; we will be rebroadcasting the chat and also making it available for download in January.

12.11.00 I am so sorry. I am responsible for screwing up the 24K 'Meltdown' stream around 4:30PM this afternoon. For those of you who were listening during the difficulties, I apologize! Everything should be smooth on that stream for tomorrow's chat. Thanks for being patient!

12.07.00 More information on the new broadcast, 'A Night at the Rum Runner', has been added. duranradio is still on break, but will be back after the holidays.

11.27.00 duranradio has been terminated. Please visit the duranradio page for more information. It was a great run, but it had to end some time. 'Meltdown' isn't going anywhere, though -- those streams are perfectly legal and official!

11.26.00 Lots of new stuff today....be sure to check out "About the broadcasts" and join the Late Bar Radio mailing list. Also see the new broadcast coming up for the holidays. It's a treat I am sure all fans will enjoy! I still haven't re-programmed duranradio, but it will be coming shortly, I promise.

11.24.00 MP3 tags on the 24K 'Meltdown' stream have been corrected. Some of the MP3 tags on duranradio have been corrected. Stay tuned to the website...there are lots and lots of new things coming in the next month or so!

11.18.00 Please be advised: MP3 tags on the 24K 'Meltdown' stream and 'duranradio' are not displaying correctly. This is due to the addition of in-stream advertising into live365.com radio stations. The tags will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience!

11.16.00 Good news! I will be hosting the Friday all-night party at the 2001 International Duran Duran convention on July 27th, 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio. Go here for the convention message baord, and here for the organizers' home page.

11.14.00 The 56K 'Meltdown' stream was down earlier to fix MP3 tagging issues. All problems have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!