07.01.03 PLEASE NOTE: This page is in dire need of updating. I'll get to it soon....I hope! Most of this is out of date; if you have listening problems, please e-mail me.

Q. I am having problems listening. Why can't I hear the broadcast correctly?
A. First, go here. Remember that Late Bar Radio uses a hosting site -- live365.com. This link will lead you to the live365.com listening FAQ, which will cover your questions about listening problems.

Second, I have occasionally encountered issues with live365.com. I find that sometimes the broadcast is very choppy, whereas other times it is perfect. If you have trouble, try again in a few hours. Also check this website. The announcements page will tell you if there are known technical difficulties with the hosting site.

I have found that the player that pops up automatically is not as good as an external player like Winamp. You can click on "choose player" once the live365.com playlist comes up, and choose an external source. For specific directions on how to do this, please go to the live365.com help page. This link is only for PCs.

And finally...keep in mind the broadcast bitrate. Not all 56K modems connect anywhere near 56Kbps -- this is because of the quality of local phone lines. If the broadcast stops and starts while you surf the Internet, then your connection rate is too low for the broadcast you are trying to listen to. Check your connection speed and make sure that you are connected at least 5K higher than the stream you are listening to, ie 29000 for 24K and 37000 for 32K.

If you continue to have problems, send e-mail to support@live365.com. I want to give my listeners the highest quality broadcast possible.

Q. I have a Macintosh. Can I still tune in to the Late Bar Radio broadcasts?
A. Of course you can! You do need the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, in conjunction with RealPlayer 8 for the Macintosh. Go here to download Real Player 8 Basic. You can also use Soundjam or other MP3 players. Check the live365.com help page for additional assistance with other MP3 players.

Q. Do I have to start the audio stream from live365.com to listen to the Late Bar Radio broadcasts?
A. You can play any of the Late Bar Radio streams directly from your MP3 or media player. This will completely bypass the live365.com playlist pop-up window. Here are the instructions for listening in this manner:

1. Open up your MP3/Shoutcast application (Winamp, RealPlayer, etc.)
2. Select "open file" or "open URL"
3. Copy the appropriate stream and paste it in:

meltdown, 56K: http://www.live365.com/play/112465
meltdown, 24K: http://www.live365.com/play/112552
Oktober Musings, 32K: http://www.live365.com/play/70365
rum runner, 32K: http://www.live365.com/play/161378

4. Press play and enjoy the broadcast!

Listening in this manner will not give you the playlist of the last three tracks. However you can e-mail me with a question about a song and I'll be sure to let you know.

Q. Do you broadcast live?
A. In December, 2000, Late Bar Radio hosted an audio chat with John Taylor on the 24K 'Meltdown' stream. Before and after the chat 'Meltdown' played all live requests. If you are interested in hearing more from live broadcasting 'Meltdown', make sure to let me know. And keep your eye on John's official website for information on upcoming 'Meltdown' broadcasts -- there may be another audio chat coming up.

Q. Where did you get all your MP3s?
A. I record all MP3s myself.  Most tracks are from my own personal collection. For 'Meltdown' I do receive some MP3s and CDs from John and Patty at Trust the Process. However, I do not use any MP3s from other websites or MP3 servers. Part of the reason I do this is for quality control. I need to make sure the volume levels are consistent throughout the broadcast, and I can't guarantee the quality or integrity of MP3s that I did not record. All MP3s are compressed by a professional MP3 codec -- the quality of the sound is important to maintain.

Do you have any general questions you about Late Bar Radio? Make sure to e-mail me at the address below.

For general Internet Radio inquiries: djoktober@latebarradio.com
For 'Meltdown' requests and comments: djoktober@trusttheprocess.com