Both of these tattoos were done by Brian Allen at California Emporium of Tattoos in Hedersonville, NC

In her own words....

My first Duran related tattoo (actually my 2nd tattoo) was a difficult one to decide on. I knew I wanted something with lots of bold colors. I also wanted something that had a lot of meaning to me. The more I thought about it the choice became clear. Simon has always been my favorite and I have always (since I was a kid) loved the sea and well anything nautical. So the DRUM symbol combined all of my "loves" together. With that decision made the next was where to put it. It sits on my left shoulder blade looking toward the middle of my back. It took a couple of hours to do and it turned out better than I imagined. Everyone is amazed at the colors. It was a perfect choice and well worth it!!!!

Also in her own words....

My second Duran related tattoo was a very obvious choice. I knew when I bought the Duran condom at a show in '93 that one day I would have that symbol as a tattoo. And that is actually where the artwork came from. As you can imagine I got some interesting looks when I handed my tattoo artist the condom. CLASSIC!!!! This symbol represents a favortie time in my life. It brings back lots of fond memories. I wanted this one to be in a place I could see a little better. Without having to look in a mirror. So this is on my right arm. At the very top of my arm, almost on my shoulder. It took about an hour to do. Now for my next one I've already decided what and where. I just have to get it. Stay Tuned!!!!

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