This tattoo was done by Mario Bell at California Emporium of Tattoos in Hedersonville, NC

In her own words....

I knew when I saw Pamís portrait tattoo of John that I had to have one of Simon! Then the tough part began. What picture? So I set out to find my ultimate portrait picture. I decided to 1st select an ďeraĒ. The Wild Boys look was my favorite time. It brings back lots of great memories, plus letís face it, Simon looked REALLY good!! So, the next thing was which picture? One of my favorite photos of Simon is where he is wearing the camoflouge. The photo I chose to use is from the the same photo session as the camo shot except he has on a black jacket. That worked out best for the tattoo. The tattoo wasnít as bad as I thought it would be! It felt totally different than any of the others I have gotten. The only real pain was with the shading of the hair. Mario Bell is the artist that did my portrait as well as Pamís. Brian Allen has done my other tattoos and I would have to say that both are the BEST tattoo artists I have ever seen! Their work is amazing, not to mention the fact that they are SUPER guys!! Everyone at California Emporium of Tattoos are FABULOUS! I canít wait for my next one! #8 !!!

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