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May 20th, 2005

Tracks from John Taylor's solo discography, including John's lastest releases Retro and MetaFour, available from Trust the Process
Live tracks and downloads featured on TTP
Classic "original five" Duran Duran, including b-sides and rare live tracks
New Duran Duran featuring the "original five" line up, with all tracks from their latest album, Astronaut.
Neurotic Outsiders, The Power Station, Terroristen

PLEASE NOTE: The current Meltdown broadcast is running on a random loop; it is not pre-programmed. The loop is re-randomized constantly, so every time you tune in you'll hear a different playlist. Tracks are removed and added frequently; stay tuned to this page for information. Also keep your eye on this site and Trust The Process for information on upcoming programmed broadcasts and special events.


'Meltdown' is the official Internet radio station of John Taylor, the co-founder and bassist of the hit rock group Duran Duran. The station is programmed to highlight his solo work and many side projects, and it is also a musical journey through a 20 year career. You will hear music that excites, moves, and inspires him. You will hear artists that he listened to growing up, and artists that he listens to now. It is a wild mix -- from the days of disco to the electronica of today.

Most of what you hear on 'Meltdown' can be purchased from John's website, Trust The Process. Make sure to visit the website for more information about John, including a Q & A where John answers questions in Real Video. Join the mailing list so you can be notified when a new broadcast is launched. If you have questions about any track you hear, feel free to e-mail me.

For general Internet Radio inquiries: djoktober@latebarradio.com
For 'Meltdown' requests and comments: djoktober@trusttheprocess.com