Pam has the most Duran Duran related tattoos of anyone featured on this website. The experience she describes below is certainly one in a million, and deserved its very own page! Damn, she's a lucky girl, ain't she???

In her own words....

Here it is! My newest ink! Getting John to sign my tattoo was an awesome experience that almost didn't happen! My opportunity came at the Music Millennium Pre-show in Portland, OR during an impromptu Meet & Greet before the show! [Editor's Note]: John Taylor performed with James Angell in January, 2003. As I was walking towards him, I chickened out! I didn't think I could do it! I had a photo for him to sign and as I was getting it ready, I thought - what the hell are you doing! You may never have this opportunity again! Just do it!! So - I leaned over and told him that I had a strange request of something for him to sign and he said OK. I handed him the sharpie, turned around and pulled a side of my shirt down in the back and showed him the portrait tattoo. I would have given anything to have seen his face! My best friend Kim was standing beside him and said it was a look of amazement with a verbal "Wow!" I heard him say "very cool" and then he commenced to signing! I remember feeling the marker as he was signing and thinking "Oh-my-God! I can't believe I'm doing this!" Kim snapped a picture of him right as he was fixing to sign. It was such a cool experience! I'm SO glad I changed my mind!

We called Mario (my tattoo artist) after the show and told him what had happened and that I was coming up to see him when I got home!! He couldn't believe it! Mario is such an amazing artist and he takes such pride and enjoyment in his work! It made me feel so good that I didn't let that opportunity pass by! After the events of that afternoon, the biggest problem I had was how to preserve the signature until Monday night!! By the time I made it to the shop, the signature had faded pretty bad. But, Mario being Mario, took one look at it and said "No problem - I can do it!" I took the pictures with me that were taken the day it was signed, and after glancing at them, he said "Are you ready?" and we were on our way! It took all of 10 minutes! He used the same technique he used on the portrait that showed the brush-like strokes of the marker! It looks EXACTLY like it did the day John signed it! I'm still amazed every time I see it! So there you have it! My portrait is now complete! And take my advice! Never miss an opportunity when it's right there in front of you! You won't regret it!

John Taylor signing Pam's tattoo

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